Homemade Fettucini with Morels, Caramelized Shallots and Snap Peas

Gotta get 'em while you can.  While fresh morels are in season, I was compelled to pick up some more when we were at the farmers market yesterday.  The snap peas in all their bright green glory called my name as well.  So, somewhat in the same vein as the appetizer from Saturday night, tonight, I am making the pasta version.

I made fresh egg fettucini in the same manner as previous posts.  

For the rest...
Blanche snap peas and cut into 1" sections
Caramelize sliced shallots in butter
Toast pumpkin seeds in a pan set over medium-low heat
Grate a mixture of parmesan and mizithra cheeses

Saute morel mushrooms in a bit of butter until well softened.  Add about 3/4 cup of stock.  I used a little porcini mushroom stock.  Toss in snap peas and saute for a couple more minutes, then add in a couple tablespoons of butter.  Keep warm.

Boil pasta for 90 seconds, drain, drizzle a little olive oil to pasta from sticking together.  Toss pasta with morels, snap peas, and add in the shallots, pumpkin seeds and grated cheese.  All of the ingredients shined.  I loved the pumpkin seeds for a little bit of crunch, the morels were meaty, the snap peas were like candy, and the shallots added just the right amount of sweet and savory.  


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