Grilled Veal Shoulder, Saffron Linguini with Peas, Scallions and Mint

After a few days off from the Buffet, I'm finding it difficult to get on the track again.  It seems the most exciting post lately was from Chris and the makers of Easy Mac.  I'm lucky Easy Mac never existed when I was in college.  It seems a bit more dangerous than the Top Ramen we used to zap in the microwave after a night out.  But then again, there was the $5 Dominos pizza that was guaranteed to arrive within 30 minutes.  Oh, those were fun times.

But on with the Buffet.  Once again having no idea what to do and really being spoiled from not having to purchase one grocery item for several days, I walked the aisles of the market with no plan.  Veal sparked an interest, and looking at my options, I decided to go cheap.  What to do with veal shoulder?  Seems braising would be the way to go, but it is summer... well, kind of.  I thought I'd take a chance and marinate and grill.  
The veal shoulder was marinated in a mixture of vermouth, sweet n spicy mustard, minced shallots, olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper.   Grill over high heat for a couple minutes a side. 

I had purchased some homemade pasta from a farmers market today.  It was Spanish Saffron pasta and I followed the recipe that came with the pasta which contained butter, vermouth, chicken stock, fresh peas (also purchased from market), scallions and mint from my garden.  The peas were once again so sweet and tender.  Plucked at the peak of their season right here in the Yakima Valley.  Totally fabulous!


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