Chinese Barbecue Chicken Makes Another Appearance

By repeated requests, today we revisited Chinese barbecue chicken.  I used Char Sui Sauce (see previous post) and a little dark soy sauce to marinate the chicken drumsticks yesterday.  As an added flavor penetration tactic, I made a cut in each of the drumsticks, length-wise, at the thickest part of the meat.  This also helps to cook the drumsticks more quickly.  Instead of baking and brushing, I decided to marinate and grill.   As the sun permitted, the chicken went outside on the Weber grill, along with sliced eggplant.  Snap peas, which were still at their peak at the farmers market, made it to the table as well.  I decided to wok fry them with a little chopped garlic.  The girls preferred the baked chicken, as previously made, over grilled.  Corn was fabulous as were the snap peas.  Why are the snap peas so good?  They have a meaty shell, tender peas inside, and are crunchy and sweet.  Go out and get some at your local farmers market!  As we enter the natural height of fresh vegetables in our area, there's no need to do much with the ingredients.  Enjoy them as they are and let their true colors shine.


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