Working for the Weekend Lobster Mac 'n Cheese

Lobster Mac 'n Cheese has long been on my list of things I must make.  It marries two of my favorite items, lobster and cheese.  For those of you who've seen me devour a lobster, you know I am serious about it.  Cheese, well, is one of those things I cannot pass up when face to face with the cheese counter.  I find I often have delicious cheeses in my fridge that we never got around to eating.  So sad!  That is why I now purposefully avoid that counter unless there is, in fact, a cheese I need.  
I followed a recipe from the Food Network and made a few adjustments.  I used 3/4 pounds of dried rigatoni and about 2/3 pounds or 3 cups of cheese, instead of the 2 pounds the recipe called for.  Gluttony can be used to describe our love for rich foods, but even I am not that overboard.  I felt my arteries tighten just thinking about that amount of cheese.  I also added some freshly ground white pepper and paprika to the cheese sauce.  And to my and Chris' portions, I sprinkled a little cayenne pepper on top as well. 
A little caprese salad was a welcome lightness to the richness of the mac.  And oh was it rich.  
Ultra indulgent, a guilty pleasure, thank goodness for the red wine!


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