Sunday, Let's Have Pie

There may never be a time again when I can make pizza pie in our house without making the Co. Flambe pie.  I went back to the recipe from an earlier blog for the crust and Flambe pie.  The only difference was for one of the Flambe pies, I used a mixture of gruyere and sharp white cheddar which I already had grated in my fridge and the other, I used the mozzarella and parmesan as per the original.  And, this time, I turned the oven to 500f, instead of 475f.  3 minutes for the dough, 5 minutes once you put the toppings on.  Both were fabulous, and we were split on preference between the two cheese mixtures.  And the bacon... oh, the bacon...  Nueskes smoked bacon.  Must try, must have, and if you live in Seattle, the only place I've seen it is at, strangely, Uwajimaya.  
Always feeling like I should try something new, I also made a Salumi Salami pie with a tomato sauce, quattro formaggio, and fresh basil to finish.  The tomato sauce was one I already had frozen in my freezer from a previous meal of pasta, I'm sure.  You can use just regular pizza sauce.  On top of that I placed a blend of mozzarella, asiago, fontina and provolone, then slices of Salumi Salami, and baked at 500f for 5 minutes.  Once out of the oven, I finished with fresh basil leaves on top.  

Again, the dough was the star.  Difficult to manage, like many things that prove to be extraordinary, it was worth the work.  Strong enough to hold its toppings, yet, soft and light on the inside, I cannot say enough about how marvelous the dough was.  I'm a thin crust gal, mostly because I do not like thick, chewy dough.  This is a thin to light medium crust, but still has enough body to feel like pizza crust and not be soggy.  I could go on and on, but suffice it  to say, my kids were secretly  compiling a stash of pie slices even though I kept saying, there's more pie in the oven.  The best way to do this is par cook all your dough first, then make up the pies, and bake them one by one, 5 minutes each.  Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmm.


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