So Starts the Grilling Season, Cowboy Steak, Corn on the Cobb and Onion Rings

So, I jumped the gun and launched fully into grill season.  Are we still on the mantra that Memorial Day triggers the beginning of the outdoor barbecue?  The gas Weber has been moved down to the patio allowing the table and chairs to take their rightful center stage spot on the deck.  Corn was 50 cents each and rib eye steaks were on sale, giving me the signal that it's time the oven gets a well deserved holiday and the grill is back in full swing.
I seasoned the ribeye with olive oil, worcestershire, paprika, chili powder, brown sugar, salt and pepper.  The corn was par-boiled and then grilled after rubbing a little butter all over it.  The onion rings were sprinkled with milk, then Johnny's Seasoning Salt, then flour and fried at 350f until golden.  I don't like a batter on my onions rings, but rather a light coating of seasonings and crispiness.  
I bought both white and yellow corn, white being my normal favorite.  But the yellow corn was sweeter and more flavorful this time.  The fried onions were fabulous... the perfect side kick for the steak.  And, as usual, Chris grilled the steak to perfection.  Summer back yard season, we are ready and waiting!


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