Farmers Market Weekend

A beautiful weekend had me making the rounds to a couple of farmers markets around town.  On Saturday, we visited the University Farmers Market where I purchased a beautiful lamb loin roast from Sea Breeze Farm.
They raise their grass fed stock on a farm on Vashon Island.  Their beautiful cuts of meat, along with whole chickens, eggs and milk were difficult to just pass by.  The next stop was Olsen Farms where I picked up some Desiree potatoes, red skinned, yellow fleshed, excellent for mashing.

On Sunday, we stopped in at the Broadway Sunday Farmers Market before heading to Pho Cyclo for lunch.  These markets are my candy store.  Being there and taking in all the magnificent foods that local farmers have brought to market makes me a little giddy inside.  Makes me want to cook!  I purchased organic asparagus from Alvarez Organic Farms, baby white turnips from Full Circle Farms, heirloom tomatoes from Kittitas Valley Greenhouse , baby carrots and Chao Garden's gigantic tulips.  When I think about the patience and care in growing splendid produce like these, I think there must also be magic in it.  How else could each thing be so perfect within itself?

Come back tomorrow for the market bounty supper.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for the shout-out, we're happy you enjoy our products.
    -Kristin, co-owner Sea Breeze Farm

  2. Kris, the lamb was gorgeous, fantastic! I am going back for the whole chicken next visit! Then the pork chops, the eggs...


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