Loving Others' Cooking - Lemon and Thyme Veal Chop, Copper River King Salmon

This past weekend, we enjoyed some fabulous food made by friends of ours.  The first was a lovely and generous pan seared and roasted veal chop that had been marinated in olive oil, thyme and lemon juice.  Perfectly cooked, thick, juicy, lemony and tender.   Excellent!  

The second was Alder-Planked Copper River King Salmon with a honey soy marinade.  The recipe was from Cooking Light, a magazine which I should probably investigate further.  As you can tell from my postings, it probably wouldn't hurt to go in that direction a little.  The salmon was beautiful and sweet with a wonderful smokey flavor.  It reminded us of a Bourbon Glazed salmon from the Seattle Junior League cookbook, an Emerton house favorite.  

Thank you friends, for the wonderful food, the lovely setting, the fabulous wine, and the friendship and good company.


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