New York April 2010 - Tuesday Smoky Heaven

After a busy morning, we headed to Grand Central Terminal and visited an old standard for lunch, Grand Central Oyster Bar.  We sat at the counter and took in the hustle and bustle of a diner-like set up.  We went there for the experience, not the food.  I had the Point Judith Squid Salad with Purple Basil Vinaigrette and Avocado.  Heavy on the garlic, but otherwise nice and light, not weighing me down, it made for a good afternoon at the museum.

Yakitori Totto is a small 2nd floor restaurant serving some excellent yakitori, among other things.  The yakitori kitchen is exposed to an eating bar making the small space very smoky.  But once the food starts arriving, you forget all about it. 
Aona and Yuba – Stir fried spinach with dried beancurd and pine nuts.  I was craving some leafy greens.
Tori Dango – Steamed rice dumpling with chicken meatballs inside, soy sesame dipping sauce.  My mom makes a dish similar to this but with ground pork.  The kids loved it, and were happy to know Grandma could make it for them. 
Bonchiri – Chicken tail yakitori.  Juicy, fatty, yummy.
Kuro Buta Negi Pon – Berkshire pork belly with scallion and ponzu.  Pork belly, need I say more?
Momo– Chicken thigh yakitori
Yaki Nasu – Eggplant with soy and bonito flakes.  The bonito was excellent.
Kawa – Chicken skin yakitori.  A favorite at the table.  The kids had seconds.
Amakara Age – Sweet spicy deep fried chicken.  Reminded me of mandarin fried chicken.  Crispy, sweet.  I asked the server if the pepper was too spicy to eat and he said it depended on my luck.  I went in with a little fear, but luck must have been on my side.

I should mention these photos make the portions look huge, when in actuality, they are very appetizer size.  To give you an idea, my gals, who are small eaters each had a large bowl of rice, 1 Momo, and 2 Kawa.  At first you are thinking, this is a pretty good deal price wise.  But it added up.  It was though, another fantastic meal.  There will definitely be a night dedicated to cooking yakitori back home.


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