New York April 2010 - Thursday, Balthazar and a Sushi Dinner

Wanting another pass at Soho, we planned our morning around lunch being at Balthazar, a spot which came highly recommended by friends of ours.  What a great spot for a New York lunch.  Charged atmosphere, multifaceted diners, efficient and organized service, well executed food.  
Stella had the Macaroni au Gratin with Bacon.  It's difficult to eat when you have to guard your food with your free hand like a running back.  Crispy cheese on top, chunks of smoky bacon and creamy macaroni within.  Really.... perfect.
I had the Duck Confit with crispy potatoes, wild mushrooms and frisee salad.  When you take your first bite and close your eyes and sigh, there's no need for further praise.  This was a decadent lunch that went down well with a glass of Viognier.  Tender duck, crispy skin, perfectly seasoned and paired with wild mushrooms, the paper thin potatoes and a little frisee to offset the richness. 
Chris had Toasted French Ham and Gruyere Sandwich with a tomato addition.  Traditional go to standard.  Crunchy toasted country bread, and as Chris calls it, weed-wacker salad.  I happen to love a good ww salad.
Maggie had Homemade Fettucini with wild mushrooms and Parmesan.  They kindly made her a half order and charged us less than half.  A rare completely finished restaurant meal by either of our kids.  Must have been excellent.
Shop in Soho, eat at Balthazar.  

Our last dinner in NY went without pomp or circumstance.  Not having made a reservation, we decided to let chance take its course.  We stumbled upon Sushiya a block away from our hotel.  I was skeptical, but pleasantly surprised by fresh thick slices of sashimi and excellent sake.  Gotta love New York.  Never doubt it might surprise you.  After dinner we took our last evening walk and took in the smells, the lights and the feel of the streets.  We sure will miss you.


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