New York April 2010 - Sunday, Calamari, Pie and Steak

It’s Easter Sunday and  we spent our morning at the Easter Day Parade.  It was more of a gathering of folks wearing their Easter bonnets and strolling around Fifth Avenue in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Some were more festive and took it to the next level.  This man had a live parrot in his bonnet and a little doggie in a stroller whose fur was colored yellow. 

It wasn’t long before our bellies called out for a little tidbit.  Off to the 23rd St. Street Fair to check out some street shopping and surely there would be something to nibble on there. 
Just a little fried calamari with a side of marinara for dipping and an ice cold lemonade.  It is the street after all.  A bit on the greasy side, but didn’t stop us from gobbling it up.
After walking the street fair, we decided to search out  a place for a sit down lunch.  Chris has done a great job cataloging all the restaurants of interest and using our hand dandy iPhone, and Yelp, we can easily track any of his bookmarked spots which might be close to wherever we happen to be. 
We found Co. or Company, right around the corner.  The minimalistic, simple and fresh décor made me feel clean again after the grease of that calamari.   This place dishes out stellar thin crust, wood fired pies.  The crust was excellent.  Crispy and airy, yet with enough body to hold the toppings without becoming soggy.  The four of us shared these three delicious items.
Beet Salad – Tender, sweet beets in a light vinaigrette.  I loved the addition of the pumpkin seeds.  Cruncy, toasty bits.
 Flambe Pie – This was the majority favorite.  Bechamel, parmesan, buffalo mozzarella, carmelized onions, lardons.  How could it not be heavenly?  Those lardons, rather thick chunks of bacon, were smoky, bacon-y, morsels of happiness.  I will try to recreate this back home. 
 Ham and Cheese plus Egg Brunch Pie – This was the special of the day.   You had Chris  at egg on top.  Pecorino, gruyere, buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto and two eggs. 

I should mention that the service we received at Co. was also stellar.  Even when the food is excellent, great service will always make it taste even better.  Co. had terrific food and the service to back it up. 

After lunch we hit Chelsea Market.  A food lovers playground.  Luckily we had just eaten, otherwise I would have found myself with a bag full of food and nowhere to store it or cook it.  The kids had ice cream at this friendly shop, the Ronnybrook Milk Bar. 

After a little walk on the Highline, a raised walkway filled with sunbathers, lunchers, and people watchers, we did a little shopping, went for a swim and then prepared ourselves for dinner.  Better left as a memory, we couldn’t help but want another run at l’Entrecote.  Maybe it was setting of Paris that made our previous dinner there, many years ago, so noteworthy.  But this NY location lacked its charm for me.  Same concept of steak, French fries and salad, but the character was missing.  I will say my steak was tender and cooked just as I liked it.  They called it ‘blue’.  The sauce was good, but not as good as remembered.  Very buttery, creamy and the scent of thyme and tarragon filled my nose.   The fries were crunchy and yummy, but were not “French” fries.   I think overall, it was a good meal.  The kids loved it.  Chris enjoyed it.  I enjoyed my meal but should have remembered we are in New York, not Paris.  Oh, and sorry for the fuzzy photo.  No flash.


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