Salted Duck Eggs

So I had purchased a dozen duck eggs last week for a noodle dish.. what to do with the rest?  I poached two of them on Sunday night and served them over grilled rib eye steak.  They were rich and buttery, now with eight left, I decided to make salted duck eggs.  The procedure is simple.  Dissolve enough salt to fully saturate the water.  I used 6 cups water with 2 cups salt.  Place eggs in a large glass jar with a lid.. I'm using a plastic container, hopefully, that will work too.  Cover with salt water and leave in a cool place for about 2 weeks.   To fully submerge the eggs, I used a small plastic container with a lid and filled it with water and placed it on top of the eggs.  After 2 weeks, I'll pull one out, hard boil it, and test it for readiness.  

Well, what does one do with salted eggs?  They will be pretty salty.  If the eggs are good quality and I've brined them correctly, the yolks will be rich, not dry.  My mom always said the best ones were where the yolk is a little oily.  It's not something you eat by itself.  It's a great side item if you are having just simple white rice, fried rice or sticky rice because it is so salty.  Growing up, we often ate them with congee (or rice porridge).  Congee is another one of my favorite breakfast items.  You can make it with just plain rice, or add sliced beef, or other ingredients.  When my eggs are ready, I will make some congee to enjoy!


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