New York April 2010 - Leaving on a Jet Plane, but first, The Burger Joint

Every day as we entered and exited our hotel, the aroma of burger and fries wafted in the air.  Every night, a long line of people wrapped themselves along the outside of the orange floor-to-ceiling curtain in the lobby, behind which stood The Burger Joint.  Often tempted, we talked ourselves out of having a burger when there were so many other options outside.  We are soon to leave for the airport and after a nice morning at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, we looked at each other, kids complaining of hunger, and us tired of debating on places to eat, said "BURGER JOINT!"  
It's a tiny little spot really and certainly not what you'd expect in a hotel.  It's a walk up and order, get your food served in a paper bag, and eat there if you are lucky enough to get a table.  But it is $7.35 for a cheeseburger that is cooked and made to order.  Chris has been in line for about 40 minutes, allowing us to return to our room and hang out as we wait for our lunch.
The burger was smoky and meaty, but not greasy.  I loved the thin and soft bun.  The fries were shoestring, my favorite.  The consensus is "yummy".  
We almost escaped its lure, but somehow it always felt inevitable.  


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