Heaven in Punta Mita

This long weekend was going to be a cooking/blog hiatus but I can't stay away from the food.  And the food is fantastic.  Our house chef is dishing out authentic Mexican cuisine that is delicate yet blow your socks off flavorful.   
Last night's dinner was sauteed jumbo shrimp with a tomato, chili, onion, garlic sauce.  The shrimp were plump and juicy.  We are surrounded by a beautiful beach and ocean, but I can't help but duck into the kitchen to talk about the food.  Saute finely minced garlic and onions until softened, add in sliced chilies and fry a bit longer.  Add sweet tomato sauce and finely diced, very ripe tomatoes.  In a separate pan, saute the the shrimp in a little olive oil until they begin to turn red.  Then add to the tomato sauce to finish.  I had seconds.  Absolutely delightful.

This morning, I woke to two sauces being made for huevos.  A red salsa and a green salsa.  Both began with charring tomatoes (for the red sauce) and tomatillos (for the green sauce) with sauteed chilies.  Puree in a blender.  Return to the pan and add a little water and powdered chicken stock.  Boil for a bit.  Let cool and add finely diced onions and cilantro.  

A let the ingredients shine on their own.  A talent of restraint and knowing how to showcase each ingredient to show their true colors.

Lunch was grilled chicken breast marinated for 30 minutes to an hour in olive oil, lime juice, lime zest, cilantro and garlic, served with some green salsa.  The chicken was pounded thin and super tender, cooked to perfection.  I am giddy in foody heaven.  Not cooking, but enjoying the fruits of someone else's labor, and quizzing the chef in the kitchen.  


  1. Hey there...great blog!
    It's all about the content!!

    I would love to know the name of the chef and at which house you stayed at in Punta Mita, if you don't mind.

    We would love to feature/offer him/her in our blog etc. as well.


  2. Hi Miguel, Thanks for your comment. Let me confirm this is OK with them. You can email me directly at emerton@me.com and let me know who you are and what your blog is. Thanks.


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