Going Goo Goo for Pacino - A Guest Blog

Every dog has its day, so the saying goes.  Every day is a Pacino day in our house.  Today, Stella made homemade biscuits for Pacino.  She has a whole collection of dog treat recipes, and this one was called Meat and Garlic Biscuits.  She used the left over ground pork from last night's Dan Dan Mein and some duck scraps along with whole wheat flour, soy flour, garlic powder, chicken stock and eggs.  Sounds pretty good to me.  As a cook, and knowing what ingredients went into this, I was trying to convince Stella to try a bite to see how it turned out.  If Pacino could talk, I'm sure he'd say they are delicious.  Just the smell that filled the air while they were baking kept him pacing back and forth around the kitchen.  
Bon Appetit Pacino!


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