New York April 2010 - The Empire State

We have been looking forward to this trip with an anticipation that sits somewhere between Christmas morning and the pop of a jack in the box.  I love New York City!  The girls have heard us rave about it over the years. But with the high expectations of the girls, I felt like someone turning crank on the jack in the box for a baby not knowing if there would be tears or laughter when Jack came out.  I said to Chris, when our plane landed, that I am going to record every piece of food I eat while I’m here.  This could get ugly.
Fresh off the airplane I am starving!  We’ve been up since 4:00am Seattle time and ate nothing but a rice cracker and some pretzels on the flight over.  I bought a cheese and cracker snack pack on the flight, but I think it might have been foam board spray painted to look like cheese.  We arrived in Time Square at 4:30 and Chris was sent on a mission for a snack while the girls and I went swimming.  For those of you who know me… I should say, they swam, I sat.  We have a dinner reservation at 7:30, so not wanting to spoil that meal, we all wanted just a little something.
Chris returned with a giant can of Fosters and this little treat from a cart about 100 yards from the front door of our hotel for $5.00.
Lamb on Rice.  Well seasoned lamb, similar to gyro lamb, over yellow rice with a yogurty, spicy sauce on top.  The four of us shared this little unexpected first bite and were temporarily satiated while we look forward to dinner.

We wanted our first dinner to be a guaranteed hit.  The last time we were here, we ate at Wu Liang Ye twice.  I am sad to report it was a disappointment.  Something has happened since we were there last.  Perhaps their previous chef has left?  Maybe it was an off night, but when there are so many other wonderful places to try in this foodie town, we won’t find ourselves going back.  The food lacked the special ingredient it used to have and seemed to have been taken down a notch making it quite pedestrian.  
Sliced Beef Tendon with Szechuan garlic sauce
OK, but not as good as our favorite place back home.  Spicy, Szechuan peppercorns tingled in our mouths, but beyond that, it lacked any real pow.
Dan Dan Mein
This was the only dish that came close to  meeting our expectations.   Warm noodles, ground pork, spicy Szechuan peppercorn sauce and some fresh pea sprouts on top. 
Kung Pao Chicken
Too sweet, no bang, and you know how I feel about Kung Pao.

Tomorrow is another day.  Can’t wait.


  1. Have fun and bon appetite! For Chris, try the bacon tempura at the Red Cat.

  2. We are on it! We were at the Chelsea market today close to Red Cat. Will try to get back there!


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