Crack Pie

My kids have been asking for Crack Pie ever since they took their first bites last week in New York.  Our last night there, we walked into Momofuku's newest establishment, Ma Peche, which also has a Milk Bar at the same location, just one block from our hotel.  It was their first day of operation, but by the time we had gotten there, they were already closed.  We took a look around, but they were no longer serving.  Darn, no crack pie.  Every day since we've been back, they've asked me, are you going to make crack pie?  Well, today's the day.
I found a recipe on the LA Times website and followed it to the the letter, except, I used two tart pans instead of pie pans.  I don't bake much as I am generally not a diligent measurer.  In fact, I rarely measure.  But much of baking is a science, so I'm guessing measuring is important unless you are a savant at it?  I also prefer savory to sweet, but crack pie is crack pie for a reason.
The ingredients are simple.  But if you are watching your waistline, this is not the pie for you.  Sugar, sugar, butter, cream, eggs, some more butter and sugar and butter and sugar.  It was sweet, super rich, and had a look over your shoulder decadence.  
It was so very good, but not as good as the original, I must say.  Tastes were accurate, but mine was a bit too wet.  Perhaps I had to bake it longer?  It was pretty gooey, but very devourable.  The original had a little more body to it.  You could pick it up and eat it like a soft cookie.  Mine, you can not.  Oh well, will just have to keep researching and making crack pies.  It's a labor I am happy to undertake.


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