Thursday Reunited with My Chicken

Yes, we did meet again.  Chicken number two from my Costco purchase came out of the freezer today to meet a brine of water, sugar and kosher salt.  Once the chicken was defrosted, I followed yet another Momofuku cookbook recipe; this time for fried chicken and octo vinaigrette.
I was online looking for a recipe link when I found an abundance of blogs from other folks who had made this.  So, I started to hit the delete button on my writing. I will say, it reminded us of mandarin fried chicken, a favorite in our house.  But, do we need another blog on this fried chicken?  Probably not.
Just one sidebar.  I saved the liquid at the bottom of the pan after steaming the chicken.  I couldn't help but taste it.  It was super rich in chicken flavor and salty.  I  shall use it to enhance the flavors of other dishes I make.  It reminded me of what I know to be gao tang, or high broth.  In Chinese restaurant kitchens, there is often a large pot of this made of bones and parts from chickens, pork, etc., slowly stewed to make a rich broth.  It's used to cook with instead of water.  This was an unexpected by-product worth making the meal itself!  
And yes, the chicken was DELICIOUS!  


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