Lamb Pops

After a short cooking hiatus, I'm feeling a little off my stride.  I have a few things I want to try, but not quite feeling it yet.  So, I walk up and down the meat counter until something moves me into action.  Have you ever looked at the marked down meats?  There is a section at my neighborhood QFC that has items coming close to their "Sell by" dates marked down.  I struggle with this concept as I am one of those shoppers that picks through the stack, finding the one with the latest date of expiration.  I do this on everything edible.  It is one of my little cooking quirks.  But, I still like to look at the mark down section.  After all, who doesn't like a good deal?  You can usually tell by looking at it if you're good to go.  In my last working life, I remember one of my managers saying, it's part of our jobs to look.  We are paid to look.  On this particular day, I find some very fine looking lamb chops marked down to less than half their original price.  Expiration date: tomorrow.  Sold!
In the marinade are sherry vinegar, port, honey, fig jam, sweet chili sauce, dijon mustard, olive oil, minced shallots and ground black pepper.  A heavy nose in the lamb confirms no worries here.  
I served it with a green onion, mushroom and lemon risotto.  "Where'd you get this lamb?" Chris asked.  I said, you'll have to read the blog.  Isn't everything better when you feel like you got a deal?  We loved it, but once Chris reads this, he will love it even more!


  1. OK. I have never cooked lamb but will have to make an exception for Tim's birthday this weekend. And I have had the honor of trying this dish at your house so I know it's amazing (at least when YOU cook it). Will keep you posted on my efforts.


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