The Go To Dinner

I've already mentioned this dish before, but it really is too good not to go into further detail.  This is one of my kids' favorites.  Hong shao (red cooked) pork ribs.  They are actually also known as sweet and sour ribs.  I have used both baby back ribs and spare ribs for this.  Once in a while, I find the perfect, small boned ribs already cut into perfect width, but outside of that I think my favorite is the baby back ribs.  I have the butcher cut length wise into sections for me and then I cut the ribs up into smaller pieces.  Blanche the ribs in water to remove the outside blood and impurities.  Discard water.  Return the ribs to the pot and add in water to cover, dark soy sauce, white vinegar, cooking wine, sugar, sliced onion, sliced ginger and a couple garlic cloves.  Simmer for 15 minutes and add in 2 bunches of green onions.  This is my and my dad's favorite part of this dish - the braised green onions.  Continue to simmer for another 30-45 minutes and  uncover, and boil rapidly until sauce is slightly thickened.  This is one of those sauces that, as Chris says, you can pour over old shoe leather and you would eat it.  I wish I could bottle the sauce.  My girls spoon it over their white rice gobble it up like they are in an eating contest.  I actually threw in a brain teaser exercise tonight to stop our gorging.  We love a good meal and are not afraid to show it!


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