Tools to Eat By

Last year I treated myself to a professional knife sharpener that came to our house. It was one of those things, that afterward, I wanted to call all my friends and tell them of this life changing experience. If you cook a lot, there is nothing more satisfying than a properly sharpened knife. Go ahead, treat yourself!
From left to right:
Filet / boning knife - essential for filleting fish and deboning poultry. It's a surgical tool.
Serrated knife - bread of course
7" everyday knife - anything and everything
Sushi knife - sushi and carving meat. It doesn't see much use, but it sure looks cool!
The knife sharpener is ceramic sticks from Idahone.

These tools have seen a lot of food. They are not the only tools used in my kitchen, but they are the 'all star team'. There are some tools, like a chinoise, that you absolutely need in order to create, say, a fabulous sauce. But these will get you through most any cooking adventure.


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