Thursday night Pasta with shrimp and mushroom cream sauce

When Maggie saw this, she said "mmmmm!" Today was one of those days I couldn't figure out what to make until I finally had to make it. At the Emerton house, cream is a staple. I mean we don't just have one of those small pint size containers of it, we have a Costco size carton. It's the least expensive way to buy the cream and with the way they pasteurize dairy these days, it lasts forever. Shrimp is another Costco purchase, so we always have some in the freezer. When there's nothing else around to cook, we always have cream and shrimp and pasta! I reduced the cream including a little vodka. I like the vodka addition as it seems to cut the richness of the cream just a little. A simple saute of the mushrooms and shrimp in butter and voila! It is a 20 minute meal with minimal ingredients. But what you get is sweet, rich indulgence.


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