Something Light for Friday Night

Well, we were supposed to have the short rib ragu tonight, but I couldn't bring myself to another rich meal.  So, that will be saved for this weekend.  We decided to go Japanese...ish.  I feel a little sheepish in saying Japanese as I feel like I really don't know if what I'm doing is true to form.  But we love it.  For an appetizer, we had some salmon sushi.  I made my own sushi rice and made a salmon roll,  some salmon nigiri as well as regular sashimi... all was buttery and rich.  It was made and consumed within minutes, which is, as I believe, as it should be.  I kept the rice slightly warm which made it melt in your mouth.
For dinner, I made a variety of small plates.  

Panko Crusted Ahi Tuna Roll
Sashimi grade Ahi, rolled with baby spinach, nori and panko then flash fried and served with a soy wasabi butter sauce

Black Cod with Miso
Black Cod marinated in miso, sake and ginger and broiled

Tempura Calamari
Calamari soaked in milk and then dregded in flour and flash fried

Yakitori Chicken
Skewered boneless, skin on chicken thighs grilled and brushed with yakitori sauce of shoyu, sake and sugar

Pan Roasted Asparagus, poached egg and miso butter
Pan roast the asparagus in butter
Miso butter is heated with sherry vinegar (I used balsamic & red wine vinegar)
Poached egg
Truth be told, I am not an egg fan.  But I have come to love the warm and lava like yoke center that tastes buttery and cheesy at the same time.  


  1. Once again a spectacular dinner! A Japanese suggestion that I've been making recently, gomae, easy too make and good for you. I usually don't add as much sugar as most recipes call for. Sorry for the veg suggestion Chris. Marcel

  2. Marcel, when are you coming to Seattle? Chris will have gomae and like it! I am trying to perfect my steamed pork bun recipe.


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