Shrimp Fried Rice

Fried Rice is the perfect one dish meal. You can take cooked white rice and add really anything to it.  When making a pot of white rice for your meal, make extra to keep in the refrigerator for later use.  It will be good for several days or up to a week.  I find as long as I have eggs and green onions (or even a plain old onion) you can transform that plain rice into a meal.  Here I heated vegetable oil and sauteed chopped green onions and shrimp for a couple minutes not cooking the shrimp fully.  Take the shrimp out and set aside so not to overcook them.  Then add in a couple of lightly beaten eggs and scramble.  Add the rice, some oyster sauce and a splash of soy and cook to blend.  When everything is fully incorporated, add some more green onions.  I like to add them in the beginning to impart the flavor of the green onions in the oil and then again later so you get the actual taste of the green onions on their own. Add back the shrimp and stir fry until fully cooked.  We had our fried rice with the left over braised pork from New Years.  Very satisfying!


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