Papparadelle with Prime Rib & Mushroom Sauce

Went to Crystal Mountain yesterday.  This is another perfect apres ski meal, not only because it is so satisfying in your belly, but for its ease.  Remember the prime rib roast from a couple days ago?  Well, these are the leftovers.  When I make gravy for the roast, I always make extra in anticipation of this follow up meal.  Slice up some button mushrooms and saute in olive oil until softened.  Deglaze with a little red wine and then add the leftover gravy and bring to a boil.  And since it's the Emertons, a dollop of cream finds its way into the pot.  Add the sliced prime rib at the very end just to heat.  Chris always loves it when I make prime rib because he knows this is just around the corner!


  1. First time reader, long time eater and huge fan of your cooking. I love your new blog. I will be a "regular" reader and attempt to impersonate your skills while I try many of your meals and recipes. I've always struggled with new ideas to cook and entertain for our family and friends. Your blog is perhaps my new religion. Do you have a meal that serves spotted owl? Missing your cooking!

  2. If this is who I think it is, hope all's well in the OC. Say hi to Arnold for me!


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