Ode to the Flying Tomato Greek Salad and Fried Chicken

Did you all watch the Olympics last night?  Well.. as much of it as NBC would allow you to.  I'll gripe about that in private.  But I felt compelled to celebrate the flying tomato.  Nothing thrilling to say about this salad other than I skip the red onion and go big on the feta!

I've been thinking of giving up fried foods for a while.  With spring around the corner and the looming inevitability of swimsuit donning, something must go.  But oh how yummy fried chicken is.  I normally soak in buttermilk for a day.  I find the buttermilk tenderizes the chicken and makes for a good sticking agent for the flour dip.  But tonight, I simply coated the chicken in flour seasoned with garlic salt and Johnny's seasoning salt.  This makes for a less greasy feeling chicken as there is not as much coating to soak up the oil.  Fry at 350 until golden.  Light, crispy and juicy.  


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