Xiao Long Bao

On a recent trip to Taiwan, we went to a restaurant called Ding Tai Fong. Photo above shows the masters at work. Renowned for its dumplings and Xiao Long Baos, it delivered as promised. The steaming hot Baos arrive in a bamboo steamer sandwiched between two empty steamers to preserve the heat. Finely shredded ginger and red vinegar for dipping. Bite into one and find a delicious pork filling bathing in hot broth. I've attempted to achieve that perfect balance in the dough that is light yet seals in all the excellent broth Xiao Long Boa is known for. This is a work in progress. They are beautiful, taste great, but my broth escapes. The ground pork filling is the same that I use for won tons and kuo tiens. But the broth is the true gold in the treasure chest of the Xiao Long Bao.

These are my latest attempt. Make a bunch and freeze and use whenever you need a little something.


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