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July 4 Pig Roast

Hey, we're home for the fourth and things are opened up again.  We've come out of our covid confinement and it's time to do another pig roast.  It's been 15 years since our first and last pig roast, which you can find here:  2007 Pig Roast , Last time we had borrowed a spit which was much too large for the size pig we had and therefore took forever to cook.  Since then, we've gotten our own smaller spit, which we used for our lamb roast a few years ago .  Before we go on, a PSA that there are a lot of graphic photos of the pig, so proceed at your discretion.  We picked up a beautiful, happy looking piglet of 37 pounds on Sunday, July 3.   We brought him home and I made a simple mixture of equal parts salt and sugar and then some ground black and white pepper and rubbed it all over the pig.  We sealed him back up in the plastic bag, covered him in ice and put him back in the box and into the bathtub downstairs.  I did a quick internet search to get my bearings on coo

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